The Lucky Shopping

Art Director
Istanbul, Turkey / Seoul, South Korea

Product Strategy

The joint venture by South Korea’s SK Planet and Turkey’s Dogus Group networks with hundreds of merchants to provide users with a wide selection of products including Fashion & Cosmetics, Electronics, Home & Living, Sports & Outdoors, Automotive & Accessories, Culture & Game and Travel.


The ultimate task was to build the identity, and to design a dynamic branding language yet reflecting a vibrant, organic, active, and lucky feeling.

We started with an understanding of the product's position in the market and values of the target country. Initially, we brainstormed and wrote down as many attributes as possible and then picked a few that work the best.

Finding a few promising directions, we spent time exploring a few selected prototypes, testing them to make sure our final decision was justified.

After all iterations and discussions, we made an important decision to evolve the direction with an organic lucky element, a ladybug. This option had the best potential and reflected the feel of the product.

Web Marketplace

Several landing page versions have been designed and tested to improve the conversion rate on the campaigns.

With a complex catalog of products, marketplace needed category views that allowed for dynamic pricing to be displayed based on the product, type and other options selected.

With almost hundred categories to choose from, allowing customers to filter products by categories was extremely important. Using multiple-tier category views on the homepage, we evisioned a smoother user journey.