Modern Way to Prep

Creative Lead
Istanbul, Turkey / San Francisco, USA

Acquired by LinkedIn in Jan 2018

Product Strategy

ScoreBeyond’s goal is to help students and parents find the right test prep plan to reach their target score. 

Offering two mobile (SAT Up and ACT Up) applications for test preparation needs, the product delivers a customized learning experience every step of the way.

Users can take SAT Up and ACT Up with them wherever they go, with questions formatted in daily workouts to maximize their long-term learning over time.


The task was to design a modern style for the product and help improving its recognition in Educational market, as well as enhancing users’ perception of the product.

At early stages, I approached the task by searching for the right product feel — its mood, emotions, and soul. We wanted the signifier for its soul to be a wordmark.

After some rough sketches and fine-tuning tens of typefaces, I worked on more refined options.


One of the high priority tasks was transforming the product strategy by creating new ways to craft longer-term engagement, and drive user loyalty. Leveraging user’s motivations by achievement and reward, we worked on the gamification process for test prep apps.

UI & UX Foundation

Kicking off with research and drilling down user flows, we started crafting user journey architecture and wireframes to define core user experience of the app.

A path designed for each of the two scenarios; new user and an existing user.